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Trade Bitcoin and others cryptocurrency with Bitcoin Brokers !

The trend of the 2017 and 2018 is undoubtedly the trading of Bitcoin and other associated cryptocurrencies. With our guide, you will be able to purchase your first Bitcoin in a minute. We bring you a list of regulated Bitcoin brokers that offers you the ability of directly purchasing Bitcoin with the leverage up to 1:20. Because this is just a CFD contract of Bitcoin, you don't have to pay a huge fee to the exchanger as you would have to pay if you decided to buy a psychical Bitcoin. With any of the Bitcoin brokers, you can buy Bitcoin with a card or electronic wallet. Cryptocurrency can also be traded on a weekend when the stock exchanges are closed.

Bitcoin broker list :

Plus500 - Recommended
Deposit : $100 | Leverage : 1:20
Deposit : $50 | Leverage : 1:10
Deposit : $1 | Leverage : 1:10
Deposit : $1000 | Leverage : 1:1
Deposit in BTC | Leverage : 1:10
Deposit : $10 | Leverage : 1:3
Deposit : $250 | Leverage : 1:20
Deposit : $100 | Leverage : 1:3
Evolve Markets
Deposit in BTC | Leverage : 1:3

Bitcoin brokers and CFD contracts explanation

Bitcoin broker is a classic broker who, in addition to dealing in financial markets and CFDs, has added to his portfolio the opportunity to trade the BTC/USD (Bitcoin) currency pair. The advantage of Bitcoin's trading with Bitcoin broker is your ability to use financial leverage. The financial leverage will allow you to hold up to 20 times more Bitcoins that you could afford with a classic exchanger.

After you purchase Bitcoins from a broker platform you actually don't own them. Bitcoin broker only lent you those coins and let you make a money with it. Why Bitcoin broker even doing that? Because the Bitcoin broker gets paid for each trade you make. The fee is usually around $2-5 for a single Bitcoin trade ( depends on the traded amount, it can also be only $1 or less ).

That's why is using a Bitcoin broker still cheaper than using an official exchanger. You can save up to 30-50$ just on fees.

From the point of view of a Bitcoin investor - with Bitcoin broker, you have the best chances to evaluate your funds as much as possible. If you use the classic way and you buy 1 Bitcoin and then the prices changes by $ 100 upward, a classic currency would only make a profit of $100. Bitcoin broker with a 1:20 financial leverage, however, will have a profit of 20x multiplied = you will earn 20x $ 100 = $ 2000! However, the financial leverage is also a two-sided weapon, if you earn 20 times faster, you can also run 20 times faster. Using a leverage is obviously optional. If you choose not to use it, the broker will have no complaints and let you buy cryptocurrency without it.

Your first investment into Bitcoin? Try it with Plus500!

More about Bitcoin brokers regulations :

Bitcoin broker's regulation means that if you have any problem with the company, one of the independent regulators will take care of the problem in order to get your money back to you. For companies based in the EU, it is the Cypriot regulator CySec and for the London its FSA. Every broker operating in any of these countries must also make a mandatory contribution to the client's investment fund, thus providing a possible reserve for potential problems.

The regulator also imposes an obligation on the broker to insure your deposit up to € 50,000. If you decide to open an account with an unregulated Bitcoin broker, you risk that you may lose your deposit.

How to trade Bitcoin if you already own some Bitcoins :

Some of the companies that I have reviewed can offer Bitcoin trading directly. All you have to do is to take your Bitcoin and make your deposit with them. Your balance will be held in Bitcoins. The most common practice is that after you set up and verify your account at a brokerage company, you will be asked by the broker to make your first deposit.

The broker manages for himself a collecting account in Bitcoins, where you will make deposits and from which he will then pay you back.

There are also two ways you can manage your Bitcoin account. The first one is that your account will only be kept in the Bitcoin, so your losses and profits will be reflected directly in your Bitcoin balance.

The second and more widespread approach is based on converting Bitcoin to the dollar/euro and back. You will deposit with Bitcoin, but you will see the trade balance as dollars or euros. Also, your profits or loss of transactions will be realized in the base account currency. When you decide to withdraw your funds the subsequent conversion will take a place and you will be paid in Bitcoins.

It is also worth mentioning that, due to the Money Laundering Act, it is not possible to deposit funds in Bitcoin and subsequently claim their payment to a bank account, Paypal or Skrill. A broker serves as a mediator between you and the market and not as a free currency exchange for your coins.

I dont have the Bitcoin yet and I wish to trade in euros or dollars :

The broker offers 2 types of your balance. If you do not have any cryptos you create an account in Dollars, Euros, etc. You can then deposit your funds by card, wire transfer, or by one of the popular electronic wallets like Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, and many others. This option is also used by most investors because you only purchase the cryptocurrency in its base currency, for example, euro, and also realizes the potential gain or loss in this currency. 

Can I trade Bitcoin during the weekend?

Yes, Bitcoin is not dependent on the liquidity of large banks and other market players that are responsible for currency movements and volatility of currency pairs on the forex market. For this reason, BTC/USD trading is not an exception over the weekend with Bitcoin brokers. You can open the BTC/USD currency pair on Sunday at 9 am and close the position with your profit on the same day. At the same time on the same day, you can ask for all funds to be paid and on Monday morning it is already on your bank account or electronic wallet.

What does BTC/USD means?

BTC/USD is the currency pair that can be traded with all Bitcoin brokers. It shows the price of one Bitcoin against the US dollar. This indicator is the most reliable because Bitcoin is the most commonly traded with a dollar. Other options for expressing the price of one Bitcoin may be in EUR per currency pair as BTC/EUR. However, EUR/USD is not usually tradable with Bitcoin brokers because of their bad volatility and the need to create a separate market for them. The price of Bitcoin on these pairs would thus be no longer accurate and even easy for some large market players to manipulate it.

Some quick Bitcoin advices from the practice :

✅ With each of the listed brokers you can trade also other cryptocurrencies, not only Bitcoin.

✅ The smallest deposit requirement has Plus500 and InstaForex. All these brokers are properly regulated.

✅ Do be afraid of the fees anymore, Bitcoin brokers pay for your deposit and withdrawal costs.

✅ Regulated companies are subject to the supervision of the regulator of the state. Your funds are always safe.

✅ Paying funds, such as your earnings, usually takes up to 24 hours to your bank account or el. wallet.

✅ If you buy Bitcoin as a CFD contract, you do not physically own them so there is no need for a transfer fee.

✅ Do not be afraid to try other cryptos. Some of them gained over the 12,000% last year.

✅ Diversification into multiple currencies is desirable.

✅ With leverage at Bitcoin CFD, you can own up to 20x more Bitcoins than your capital.

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